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Contraceptives For Acne: Functions, Alternatives, And Additional Uses

Contraceptives For Acne: Functions, Alternatives, And Additional Uses

Birth control pills may or may not be an effective way to reduce acne outbreaks. Typically, acne appears for the first time during adolescence, when hormone levels start to climb. The sebaceous glands found at the base of each hair follicle overproduce oil as hormone levels rise. Acne appears when oil becomes trapped in the skin’s pores with debris and dead skin cells.

Acne can manifest during the many “stages” of life when estrogen levels are changing, such as puberty, maternity, and menopausal, as acne can varying hormone levels within the body. Additionally, it seems likely that regulating hormone levels might aid in lowering acne breakouts. The contraceptive pills for acne philippines are simple and affordable to maintain your health and fitness.

How contraception affects acne?

The birth control pills’ estrogen may assist in less acne. By reducing androgen circulation, tablets also reduce sebum production.

For the tablets to effectively treat acne, they must include estrogen and progestin. Since the minipill only carries progestin, it cannot treat acne.

There are several brands of contraceptive pills for acne philippines. Each has a unique mix of hormones. Acne medication ought to have minimal androgenic potential progesterone. It follows that progestin has fewer androgenic side effects, such as greasy skin and acne.

What are acne medication pills?

The accompanying pills have been given the thumbs-up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating acne:

    • Trust – Levonorgestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Charlize – Levonorgestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Lady – Levonorgestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Lizelle – Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Protec – Levonorgestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Daphne – Lynestrenol
    • Diane-35 – Cyproterone Acetate + Ethinyl
    • Yasmin – Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Yaz – Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Liza – Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Cybelle – Cyproterone Acetate + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Althea – Cyproterone Acetate + Ethinyl Estradiol
    • Marvelon – Desogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol

contraceptive pills for acne philippines

What does the study find?

Acne may often be fewer with the majority of birth control tablets in an effective manner. A study included 31 studies that used birth control as an acne therapy. The study also discovered that oral antibiotics perform much better when used with oral contraceptives treating acne resistant to topical medications.

What do you need to know about acne?

Acne can appear in many different ways, including:

    • blackheads
    • whiteheads
    • small, tender, red bumps
    • pimples
    • nodules
    • cystic growths

Acne can arise from:

    • hormone changes that occur during puberty and age
    • medications
    • makeup
    • rubbing the skin or applying pressure to it

Additionally, having a family history of acne might increase your risk of developing it.

Birth control advantages for acne

Acne can occasionally be tough to cure and will fight off simple remedies. 80% of adult acne-suffering women had drug failure after taking repeated rounds of antibiotics. Additionally, nearly 30% of these patients experienced acne flare-ups following numerous isotretinoin treatments. The advantages of birth control for acne might include the following:

    • less frequent outbreaks of acne
    • far fewer acne
    • moderate acne
    • decreased redness and irritation