July 17, 2024

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Corporate Hotel Programmes: An Overview

One thing that is common in business is the need to travel and reach out to other places. It is at this instant that you would require a place to stay and rejuvenate for the night before moving on. Many times, it can be quite hard for you to make plans due to an overload of work and the like of it. This is where a corporate hotel comes in. what these kinds of hotels do is offer something like a limited service to companies, at a discounted rate of course, so the employees of such companies can have a place to stay.

Most times, these hotels would offer discounted prices to the companies, which allows them to maintain some kind of relationship with them.

Another thing is that these companies can set some kind of security measures with any hotel they are affiliated with. One thing you should know is that having a hotel programme in place for your employees helps to facilitate the location process of employees in any city during an emergency.

Are you thinking about the importance of having a business hotel programme in place? Perhaps you should more of it below.

Before you even think of commencing thesis business hotel programmes, you must try to access all your requirements and check if they would benefit your business.

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The starting point is to look into your and your employees’ past travel patterns.  You can always get this from any travel management company, this way you get a detailed report on your past, recent and future travels, as it will allow you to get a clear picture of:

  • Where you travelled to
  • The frequency of travels
  • The periodicity of your travels
  • The number of travellers, group or individual
  • How many rooms did you all stay in and how many were bought in locations annually
  • Is there any loyalty to the particular hotel group or chain

This is very important information from where the TMC will start the bargaining processes with the suppliers, and in addition to this, having an open dialogue will some of the stakeholders will. This is very important.

You should also note that travelling patterns, no matter how they seem to affect no one, can be greatly affected by corporate changes or developments such as the opening of new operations and the launch of an overseas project. Carrying out regular analysis of your company’s travels will go a long way.

Once all these have been done, the TMC will then make use of their hotel experts to help your company source for suppliers at the best rate.

An important aspect to consider in hotel programs is that these people consider their clients and dislike the most.