May 21, 2024

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Florists 101: Stylish And Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for a wedding decoration package that is inexpensive and cute? Yes! You can have both in a wedding decoration package singapore  that sticks to your budget.

Sticking to the budget can be a challenging part of planning a wedding. Yet, the last thing you want is cutting corners and sacrificing on style. But, you don’t have to do this. Wedding decoration ideas at an affordable cost prove that you can be intentional about spending and still get the look you have planned on anyone’s wedding day.

Focus on details with maximum impact

When choosing a wedding decor, it is easy to catch up on small details that matter to you. But, realistically, some things go unnoticed by the guests. To ensure most of the budget, prioritize the larger elements or decor that make a lasting impression. It may include:

  • unique table linen
  • floral arch at the venue entrance
  • colorful candles to accent the centerpieces

After choosing the splurge category, stick to the basics for the rest.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Look for items that can be reused/repurposed

“Two is better than one” is a famous saying that goes the same mindset applied to wedding decor. If you can get multiple uses from the items on the wedding day, you can help the couple make their wedding day special from the ceremony to the reception. By reusing the decor, you can help the couple avoid spending too much money to justify the cost than items that are used for a short moment. Wedding ceremony flowers can be repurposed like the smaller arrangements and aisle markers.

The mentioned flower arrangements and decorations are still good to set up for the wedding reception. Since floral bouquets and arrangements are all in uniform, nobody can notice that those flowers are the ones at the wedding ceremony. Still, the couple and the guests can get good photos. As a florist, you can suggest to the customer that the custom ceremony arch is possible to move to the wedding reception as a background for the head table.

Don’t get too crafty

Too crafty or too many decorations can ruin the style and view of the wedding venue. Also, it can be so costly since you have used a lot of materials, yet making the whole event over decorated. Instead, a couple can save money from repurposed wedding decorations. The only tip is to be realistic about what you handle and remember that wedding florists are professionals.

Therefore, you can look for ways to satisfy customers according to their budget as a way of helping make their dream wedding come true.