April 17, 2024

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For a Perfect Education and a Promising Future, Insworld Institute

For a Perfect Education and a Promising Future, Insworld Institute

The Insworld Institute is a private secondary school in Singapore. Insworld programs are taught exclusively in English and are based on a British curriculum. They have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of Singaporean and international students. All academic programs at Insworld adhere to British benchmarks. Designed to prepare students for college, they range from EITP (Lower Secondary) to IGCSE (equivalent to O-Level) to IAL/GCE A-Level courses.

The British-based qualifications offered by Insworld, such as IAL/GCE A-Level and IGCSE, are acknowledged as legitimate by all universities in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as the world’s leading universities. Local and international students who have completed A-Level programs at Insworld Institute have gone on to study subjects such as Medicine and Engineering at prestigious universities around the world. Our private school in Singapore can provide a comprehensively enriching educational experience that fosters social, moral, and cultural development, as well as high-quality instruction that can lead to academic success.

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Why choose Insworld?

Insworld is a Singaporean private school with a diverse international learning community. Local and international students collaborate in a welcoming and empathetic environment. This encourages interest, engagement, acceptance, and respect for other individuals and cultures. Students prepare for the next stage of their education, either in Singapore or abroad, in an amicable and purposeful manner. To date, students from more than 45 countries have attended Insworld. This diversity and the opportunities it presents to our students are highly valued and welcomed.

Secondary education is crucial to the development of each student. As a private school in Singapore, Insworld actively encourages its teachers to promote important aspects of social, moral, and cultural development within the context of lessons and in the school’s environment. We aspire to be more than a school with an outstanding reputation for ICCSE, AIL, and GCE A-Level education. We strive to ensure that our core values of integrity, social responsibility, diversity, and leadership are actively promoted, upheld, and reflected in every aspect of our work with students. This is an essential component of education in Singapore, in our view.

Insworld represents practical diversity. In Singapore, we are a community comprised of a vibrant mix of local and international students. All of our students have unique backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives on the world, yet they all study and interact as members of the same learning community. There is a healthy appreciation and respect for what makes people unique, as well as an awareness of the shared values and interests that unite them.

Numerous¬†private international school students attend Inswolrd! With both fun and education present at Insworld you’ll sure enjoy it here!Enroll at Inswolrd now for an education of the highest caliber.