July 17, 2024

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Get Luxurious and Beautiful Bathrooms of Your Dreams

Get Luxurious and Beautiful Bathrooms of Your Dreams

A beautiful bathroom is a dream of many. Everything sounds so great: a bathroom with enough space, beautiful cabinets, a big mirror, furniture, sanitary wares, and other accessories. Still, it remains a dream because of the high price range of these accessories. But you need not worry as ‘Futar’ is the company that will fulfill all your dreams by selling luxury bathroom accessories that are friendly to your pockets!

Founded in 1971, Futar Enterprises, Singapore, is a company famously known for its tiles and stones. The company also provides various products, architects, contractors, interior designers, etc., to customize according to individual tastes and requirements.

Get Luxurious Bathrooms Accessories from Reputed Companies

The enterprise, a distributor of European Company, VitrA, is known for providing technologically upgraded and superior quality products and offers a full range of shower systems, faucets, different fittings, furniture, sanitary wares, and whatnot.

In the same way, Cocoon is an Italian brand that has been distributed by the company, but exclusively. The company also plans to showcase some luxurious and beautiful bathroom fittings and accessories at the newly renovated store of the company.

Other brands for which the company is a distributor include Baldocer, Cimstone, Viega, The Gemma Collection, and Casla Quartz.

Bathroom Products Available

The company provides various products to make the customers’ bathrooms exceptionally beautiful. Following is the list of products sold by the company:

  • Furniture

The company provides such furniture that will look good in every size and shape of the bathroom. Counters, shelves, mirrors, tables, etc., are available in this category.

Luxury bathroom accessories


  • Bathtubs

Bathtubs of different styles, sizes, and shapes are available at Futar. Options such as acrylic and steel bathtubs are also available to choose from. These tubs look so beautiful and luxurious that anyone will get excited to take a bath.

  • Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware provided by the company includes a range of washbasins, toilets, bowls, squatting pans, urinals, etc.

  • Faucets

The company is known for providing the best range of faucets that not only solve the purpose of enabling water flow but also set the style and tone of any bathroom. These faucets are known for saving energy, maintaining hygiene, moving aerators, the possibility of easy cleaning, etc.

  • Flush Plates and Concealed Cisterns

One can quickly get their bathroom that easy modern look by installing concealed cisterns. Complimented with the toilet flush plates, it acts as the cherry on the cake by saving space and being environmentally friendly.

  • Accessories

Every little accessory makes a difference. The company provides a beautiful range of accessories for the bathroom, including toothbrush holders, towel and robe holders, soap holders, roll and WC brush holders, etc.

An extensive range of variety is available under each category, so the customer can choose according to their taste and preferences. Thus, considering the above points, one can trust the brand for its quality and affordable range of bathroom accessories that make your bathroom look beautiful and luxurious.