July 18, 2024

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Green Living Made Affordable with OCBC’s Eco-Care Home Loan

One of the largest financial decisions in life is purchasing a home. Buying a Housing and Development Board (HDB) unit is a common decision among Singaporeans. However, a lot of people choose to use bank loans to finance their home purchases due to the escalating cost of real estate. To assist clients in realizing their dream of home ownership, OCBC Bank provides a variety of home loan packages, including HDB loan.


Comprehensive HDB Loan Packages

For HDB apartments, OCBC Bank provides a wide selection of home loan programs. To meet their demands, customers can select from a selection of fixed and variable pricing packages. Additionally, they are permitted to borrow up to 75% of the value of their property. Due to their financial status, clients can make more informed selections thanks to this freedom.

Fast and Secure Loan Application

Applying for an OCBC HDB loan is fast, simple, and secure. Customers can apply with Singpass and receive loan approval within 60 minutes. This means they can get their home loan approved quickly and easily without any hassle. Furthermore, the bank takes the necessary security measures to protect customers’ personal information.

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For individuals who want to contribute to a greener Singapore, OCBC’s Eco-Care Home Loan is a fantastic choice. The loan offers homeowners a considerable bill decrease in addition to other advantages. Customers must complete the Tropical Home Energy Efficiency Assessment (THEEA), created by the Building and Construction Authority, to be eligible for the loan. (BCA).

Eco-Care Home Loan

OCBC Bank also offers an Eco-Care Home Loan, which promotes sustainability by encouraging homeowners to make energy-efficient choices. Customers who opt for the Eco-Care Home Loan can verify their home’s energy efficiency with the Tropical Home Energy Efficiency Assessment (THEEA) developed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). This assessment takes only two minutes to complete, making it easy for customers to choose sustainable options.

The benefits of the Eco-Care Home Loan include a promotional 3M Compounded SORA pricing package, as well as a one-time S$88 bill rebate when customers sign up for Senoko’s LifeGreen24 plan by 31 December 2023. Customers who choose the Eco-Care Home Loan will enjoy significant savings on their utility bills, while also contributing to a greener Singapore.


OCBC Bank offers a range of home loan packages to help customers purchase their dream home, including HDB loans. With a variety of fixed and variable pricing packages and a loan approval process that takes only 60 minutes, customers can easily make informed decisions based on their financial situation. Additionally, customers who opt for the Eco-Care Home Loan can enjoy significant savings on their utility bills while contributing to a greener Singapore. With OCBC Bank, customers can be confident that their home loan needs are in good hands.