April 17, 2024

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Singapore Marriage Counselling: How to Rekindle Your Love And Life

Marriage Counselling

Singapore’s marriage counselling is a professional service that helps couples regain their love and life back. Couples who have found themselves in a crisis can access this service through licensed marriage counsellors. The objective of singapore marriage counselling is to help you rekindle your relationship with your partner and strengthen yours as a couple by reviewing past mistakes, miscommunications, and misunderstandings that may have led to marital problems or difficulties.


Understanding Singapore marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is a process that allows you and your partner to resolve issues that may be preventing you from having a happy relationship. The goal of marriage counselling is to help spouses who are struggling with their relationship feel more connected, satisfied, and empowered.

Marriage counselling is generally done over several sessions and will last anywhere between 1-2 hours each week. The cost of marriage counseling ranges depending on the type of service required but typically starts at around $200 per month or more if there are additional costs such as accommodation or travel fees involved during sessions.

singapore marriage counselling

What Singapore couples need to know about marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is a process by which you can work through your issues together, with the help of a counsellor. Both spouses need to be involved in this process, as it helps them identify their problems and learn how to solve them.


Here’s how Singapore marriage counselling works

  • The counsellor will listen to both of you and ask questions to help you understand each other better.
  • The counsellor will help you come up with solutions to your problems, such as how to communicate better or how to solve conflicts more effectively in the future, so that they don’t happen again later on in your relationship or marriage!
  • In some cases, couples need counselling even before they get married because their problems are bigger than just one partner not loving the other anymore; this includes abandonment issues, substance abuse issues, debt-related problems like bankruptcy, etc.

Singaporeans can trust professional marriage counsellors for their comprehensive guidance and assistance in rekindling their love and life.

Singapore marriage counselling is a good option for couples who are struggling with their relationship. It can help you and your partner to reconnect with each other as well as work through any problems that have arisen in the relationship.

Singapore marriages have been known to last longer than many other countries, but if things start going wrong during this time, both parties must seek professional advice on how they can keep their love alive.



In conclusion, we hope this article has given you enough information about what marriage counselling entails and how it can help Singapore couples. If you need professional support or guidance for your relationship, we recommend contacting a reputable marriage counsellor today!