July 17, 2024

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Valid Reasons For You To Call A Plumber


When it comes to plumbing issues, there are times that you just want to avoid the hassle of calling a plumber, scheduling an appointment, and being present when the problem gets checked and fixed. Sometimes, you are hoping that if you can just disregard it, hopefully, it will go away on its own.

Unfortunately, it will only get even worse. The problem will never be able to solve on its own. So in case you encounter any of these plumbing issues, know that it’s valid and more practical to call Reece Plumbing right away.

No Water or Low Water Pressure

Nothing can ruin your day more than waking up to shower and get for work and only to realize that you have no water at all. If you open your faucet and you get not even a single drop, then it’s time to call a plumber. In fact, the moment that you notice that it starts to lose pressure, it is best to have it checked and fixed right away.

Hot Water Is Not Working

For some people, having hot water is very important, especially during cold weather. It’s not normal to not have hot water and you know that this is another valid reason to call a plumber. Your plumber can help troubleshoot the issue. Sometimes, it’s a simple problem that’s very easy to fix for them. Whether you are having fluctuating temperatures or you easily run out of hot water, it is best to call your plumber.

Call A Plumber

Water Heater is Sweating

Yes, you have hot water but you notice that your water heater is sweating, which it never did before. A water heater that is “sweating” or “weeping” is a sign of a slow but steady leak. This is often not noticed right away that is why it is advised to check on your water heater from time to time. You should also take into consideration some signs like rusty spots on your water heater or the piping around it, signs of corrosion, and a pool of water in the drip pan. In this case, call your plumber right away.

Drains Are Not Working

If the drains are not working, it’s a serious plumbing issue that needs to get fixed as soon as possible. Even if after a plunger work the clog still backs up, or when you constantly find yourself using the plunger, then call your plumber. They have the right tools to help you fix this problem.

For any plumbing issues, you don’t have to handle them alone. There are professionals who can make your life easier. Also, never delay having it inspected and fixed. Delaying the inevitable will only worsen the issue and result to a more expensive repair.