July 18, 2024

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Game Time: the best free online games

Reasons of playing online games

Welcome to Game Time, the Buzzle.com guide to the best free online games. We all like to play computer games as a pastime and it’s also a good way of keeping ourselves entertained on those tedious days at work or home without having to shell out tons of money on expensive video game consoles and accessories.

So we thought why not share with you guys our choices for the best free PC/Mac and browser-based games that are available over the Internet? This is where this article comes in: It is basically a collection of links to some really cool websites where you can find both action and non-action games in mogeqq, sports games, car racing games, role-playing games, etc., apart from sites offering interesting puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku, which you can play for free.

So if you’ve just about exhausted all the games that your computer or laptop has to offer and are bored of spending countless hours with your PSP or Xbox 360, then this is just the place for you! Here’s what we have in store for you:

All these websites are totally free to visit where all the games offered are completely free to download and install. However, before visiting any site mentioned here, please read its privacy policy as some sites may ask for personal information like email addresses, etc. If so, only provide such details strictly if asked for without exceeding beyond a limit because some sites may engage in spamming activities even though they might claim otherwise. So enjoy Game Time! Here goes:


Action games are fast-paced, thrilling and tend to have a prominent focus on violence. They require the player to jump into action right away without too much of a storyline or character development. Just pure nonstop action! This type basically involves anything that requires an ample amount of quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination like shooting at flying objects, running away from lethal traps, etc.