July 18, 2024

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Know what drama triangle is and how it works


Stephen Karpman, a psychologist, devise the drama triangle, sometimes known as the victim triangle, as a social model in 1968. Karpman’s drama triangle is an effective framework for understanding the dysfunctional roles we play in the face of conflict.

Each character in the drama triangle, victim, persecutor, and rescuer, depicts our state of mind, how we think, and how we act when we dispute with ourselves or others.

We accept incorrect thinking because we have an inherent drive to be right — right in how we feel, right in what we do, and right in how we want others to act. The strong conviction in our state’s justice leads to negative relationships that deplete our energy and prevent us from accepting responsibility and establishing a better life for ourselves and others.


The drama triangle provides an escape route for us to disguise our underlying sentiments and avoid dealing with our genuine difficulties. The dysfunctional drama emerges as a result of latching on to one of the roles of the drama triangle, which locks us in a co-dependency trap as we flip between the different parts of the triangle.

Understanding the different roles of the Drama dreieck and the psychology that puts individuals in these moods is crucial to learning how to transform the dynamics from drama to empowerment.

 Working of drama triangle

Every human person has diverse psychological wants, such as the need to grow, to be respected, to have a feeling of belonging, to advance toward a goal, to be cared for, to have options, and so on.

When any of our essential wants are not satisfied, we subconsciously take on a part in the drama triangle in order to manage the conflict without realising that there is a significant cost to Manipulation in these states rather than identifying them, breaking the patterns, and opting out of them.

We flip between various characters throughout our lives without realising it because we are stuck in the drama triangle.