April 17, 2024

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The Benefits Of Asphalt Maintenance

Although asphalt is tough enough to withstand a lot of abuse, it will eventually succumb to the environment and persistent vehicle pressure. If you appreciate how your driveway or parking lot appears, make sure to maintain it on a regular basis to keep it looking great. Furthermore, neglecting to maintain your driveway or lot is a simple way to rack up extra costs over the life of your driveway or lot.

No matter how much effort is put into paving a parking lot, it still needs upkeep in order to keep it in good condition for as long as feasible. Asphalt, like any other building, needs to be maintained on a regular basis to extend its life. Pavement that isn’t maintained on a regular basis will crack and deteriorate.

The importance of an asphalt maintenance program

Asphalt is gently deteriorated by the weather over the course of a few years. The adhesive that holds the aggregate together is broken down by heat. The paved surface will begin to disintegrate as it loosens. Winter thaw, which we’re all too acquainted with within West Michigan, causes asphalt deterioration over time. The freeze-thaw cycle, in fact, is extremely destructive to asphalt surfaces. If your parking lot is often used, the weight of the cars will gradually wear down the pavement.

​​For all of these reasons, regular maintenance is essential, yet minor cracks are sometimes neglected. If you don’t have a few little cracks patched, you can find yourself dealing with massive potholes in a matter of months. When it rains, water seeps through these fissures, settling beneath the top layer and causing subgrade instability. Weather and automobiles will take care of the rest, further weakening various parts of the building.

The following are some of the ways that an asphalt maintenance program can help:

  • Taking care of issues before they become costly — The most cost-effective strategy to keep your paved surface in good shape is to prevent cracks from spreading. By taking advantage of our annual maintenance program, you can prevent your asphalt cracks from becoming out of hand. Sealing the cracks will keep water from penetrating beneath the surface and restore your asphalt’s dark, rich color. Your repair bill can be extremely high if you don’t deal with cracks as soon as they emerge.
  • Detecting problems early — No matter what type of asphalt issue you have, we can solve it here at commercial asphalt repair. Many of the issues, though, maybe avoided with an annual maintenance schedule. We may inspect the asphalt to make sure it’s in good shape. We can rapidly identify which sections have grown fragile and take action to prevent further harm.
  • Improving and maintaining the appearance of your property – Regular maintenance will keep your asphalt surfaces in good shape. Paved surfaces fade over time, but we can restore them to their original dark, rich hue. We’ll also be able to inform you whether repairing or replacing your parking lot or driveway is the better option.