May 22, 2024

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Things To Know About Lawn Care Insurance

lawn care insurance

When looking for lawn care insurance, consider your business’s risks, select an agent familiar with the sector, emphasize coverage quality above price, and read the fine print to know about lawn care insurance.

Accidents may happen no matter how much expertise you have in the gardening field or how careful you are. Customer property damage, stolen equipment, and customer injuries are just a few dangers you encounter when starting a new job.

Is lawn care insurance a legal requirement?

Because many coverages are state-specific, it depends on where your company operates. Commercial auto insurance, for example, is necessary for all states if you plan to use automobiles to move your goods or equipment. Alternatively, most states mandate Workers’ Compensation coverage – if you have labor coverage may be optional for individuals running one operation.

lawn care insurance

Although regulations vary by jurisdiction, some packages will provide your lawn care insurance with the protection it needs even if they do not require it by law – one notable example is general liability insurance.

Make a risk assessment.

Understanding the specific hazards that your company confronts can assist you in determining the insurance coverage you require.

Here are some instances of industry-specific hazards that lawn care and landscaping firms encounter, in addition to conventional risks like property damage or employee injury:

  • Equipment that has been broken or damaged.
  • Illness caused by chemical exposure.
  • Lawnmower or other landscaping tool-related injuries.

General Liability Insurance Premiums

For $1 million in general liability coverage, the average lawn care firm in America costs between $400 and $1500 each year.